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Additional Instructions for Sailboats:

-On center board sailboats, make sure the board is secured and will stay up in transit. Some sailboats may develop some separation between the keep and the hull. This is not structural damage but separation of the mounting bolts or drying out of the paint or filler. Light built or racing sailboats can expect some hull indentation from the support pads. These indentations general disappear when the boat is returned to the water.

-Sailboats also require a little more preparation, standing rigging, turnbuckles, masthead lights, antennas, wind indicators, mast winches, spreaders, etc. should be removed from the mast. Blue Water Boat Hauling does not assume liability for damage attributable to rubbing and/ or chaffing by equipment left on the mast. Mast should not be freshly painted prior to shipment because of chaffing. Mast should be wrapped in plastic film since it will be secured on the trailer beside the boat, as it may get road grime on it. Carpet should be provided for the mast at the tie down points. Do not secure the mast to the boat, as there is a space on Blue Water Boat Hauling’s trailer for the mast. Should the mast be secured to the boat, Blue Water Boat Hauling will not be responsible for any resulting damage to the mast or boat.

-Blue Water Boat Hauling cannot be responsible for tire treading damage to, and/ or from boat access areas.

Hull Type
(Sailboat Only):

Wire Transfer:

Blue Water Boat Hauling
3295 East Main Rd.   
Portsmouth, RI 02871    

I have $250,000.00 of cargo insurance. Anything
above this is your responsibility and you agree to
 this. More can be arranged if needed.

Blue Water Boat Hauling is not responsible for
cushions, tarps, canvases or anything else blowing
 off of your boat. The boat preparation is 100%
you and/or your marina’s responsibility!

The FINAL payment in the form of either cash,
Bank or Certified check made out to Blue Water
Boat Hauling is due at delivery BEFORE the boat
is unloaded. Absolutely NO personal or business
checks will be accepted!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

$125.00 per hour will be charged above the agreed
upon Contract for ANY and ALL delays at pick up
and/or delivery locations. This includes any incorrect
form of final payment.

Any cancelations will be charged at least the
deposit amount.

Boat Preparation:

This boat preparation guide was compiled to
assist you, the boat owner, in properly preparing
 and securing the boat for overland transportation.
Please make every effort to prepare the boat
according to these guidelines. Oversee the
preparation yourself or have a qualified yard
do so. Blue Water Boat Hauling cannot be
responsible for damage due to improper
preparation or loading by
the owner or his/ her agent, for faulty or
defective cradles, trailers, chains, binders,
or other equipment provided by the owner
or his/ her agent to secure the cargo.

Blue Water Boat Hauling believes it is our job
to inform you of what is involved in getting you
r boat ready for overland transport. We have
prepare this list to help guide you. Please take
 the time to read this information.

General Information for
Transporting Your Boat:

Freight charges are due and payable upon
delivery in the form of cash, or a cashier’s
check or certified checks made payable to
Blue Water Boat Hauling before the boat is
unloaded. An additional $125 an hour will be
charged for any and all delays at pickup
and/or delivery locations.

We are fully licensed and insured. We are a
dependable, conscientious boat transport wh
 will take the utmost care to deliver your boat
in the best condition. However, please keep
in mind that the boat has to be strong enough
to withstand overland shipment. Blue Water
Boat Hauling cannot take responsibility for d
amages due to weakness or inherent dry rot.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

General Information:

  1. The driver will perform a survey only of
    the exterior of the boat. The condition of
    the boat will be noted on a condition
    report. You, the owner, or your agent
    will be asked to sign this report at the
    point of pickup; a copy of this report
    will be given to you or your agent at that time.
    At delivery, the boat will again be inspected;
    the condition report again signed and another
    copy will be given to you or your agent.
    Any damage noted by you or your agent
    upon delivery must be noted on the
    bill-of-lading that you sign when you or
    your agent accepts delivery of the boat.
    Photos will be taken at loading and unloading.
  2. Lifelines, stanchions, and bow/stern pulpits
    should be removed if they cause the boat
    to be over legal height. The legal height limit
     is 13’6” in most states. This means that th
    e total height of your boat should be no taller
    than 12’. If your boat is taller than 12’,
    you will need to notify us immediately.
  3. We cannot be responsible for damage
    due to low hanging tree limbs or branches.
    Many marinas have this picturesque
    riveway that can cause major damage to
    boats. Please let us know in advance if
    your marina has low tree branches.
    Also, don’t hesitate to ask your marina to
    cut these branches back.
  4. All items inside your boat should be stowed
    and properly secured. Drawers and
    cupboards should be taped shut. We do not assume any responsibility for damages that occur due to items shifting inside the cabin.
  5. Equipment such as radios, depth surrounders, knot meters and such should be removed from their brackets on deck and stowed inside the cabin. All electronics, radar, hailers, horns, antennas, propellers, flag masts, lights, anchor lights, etc., must be removed, packed securely, and securely stored below. Blue Water Boat Hauling will not be responsible if they are damaged or if they vibrate off.
  6. If you are shipping a dinghy on board or if you have had to remove any superstructure, these items should be well padded. DO NOT leave dinghy on davits.
  7. All cloth and canvas, including but not limited to side curtains, biminis, compass covers, boat covers, etc. should be removed in order to prevent wind damage. Blue Water Boat Hauling will not assume any responsibility for anything left on the topside of boat during shipment.
  8. All ports, hatches, windows, etc. should be locked tightly shut. Check all fittings for weakness or rotting. If the hatches leak, seal them.
    Tie or tape over hatches, windows, and locks from the outside. Blue Water Boat Hauling will not assume any responsibility for damages caused by hatches that blow open or windows that break due to wind damage.
  9. For safety and weight concerns, drain all water and fuel from tanks, holding tanks should also be empty to prevent any spillage during transport. Remove any drain plugs from the hull. During winter months, water should be drained from water systems, pumps, air conditioners, etc.
  10. Plastic or plexiglass windshields or windscreens should be removed and stored inside the cabin. Plastic cannot withstand the wind pressure. Blue Water Boat Hauling will not be responsible for any windshields or screens that are damaged during transport due to wind damage.
  11. Blue Water Boat Hauling will not assume responsibility for any household items left on the boat: stereos, televisions, and such should be secured. The cabin should be locked and the key taken with you. Please do not give the key to us, unless you have a duplicate. It could get lost after delivery.
  12. Blue Water Boat Hauling does not recommend shrink-wrapping your boat. Blue Water Boat Hauling will ship shrink-wrapped boats; however, shrink-wrap may not stand up to highway speeds or high winds. We do carry extra shrink-wrap tape and every effort will be made to repair the shrink-wrap, however, if it starts to rip and come off, we may at our discretion, remove the wrapping. Blue Water Boat Hauling is not responsible for any damage that occurs due to shrink-wrap.
  13. Remove anchors, spinnaker poles, and loose items from the deck and secure properly.
  14. For boats with outboard or I/O engines, please make sure that there is power to the battery in order to raise or lower your engine(s) or drives if needed. If you have a small outboard engine, i.e. for a dinghy, please remove it from the boat and/or stow it properly in the cabin to prevent theft.  For all other boats, please disconnect batteries and secure, or if there is a disconnect switch, be sure the switch is in the “Off” position prior to transporting.
  15. Due to the inherent problems of a wood boat, Blue Water Boat Hauling WILL NOT accept any responsibility of damage or loss to a wood boat.

Additional Instructions for Power Boats:

-Remove all flag masts, lights, outriggers, antennas, etc.

-If your power boat is low enough to ship with the flying bridge on, remove all lights, wheels, masts, and windshields that protrude over the bridge. All plexiglass should be removed and packed below with a cargo blanket. If your power boat is not low enough to ship with the flying bridge on, you will have to have a cradle built for the bridge to be shipped in on the forward deck or cockpit area. Every point touching the deck or rails must be sufficiently padded. Remove all electronics and valuable items from the bridge, pack securely, and store below.

If you have any other questions concerning the transportation of your boat, please feel free to call us. 

To contract Blue Water Boat Hauling, please download and fill out the Transportation Contract Form and email to

BlueWaterBoatHaulingBV@verizon.net or

fax to 401-633-6239.

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